Q: Are Neal Brothers products peanut free?

A: Our Neal Brothers Tortillas and Corn Chips are made in a peanut free facility. 

Please note that we have additional products that have peanut and nut-free ingredients, but are not produced in a certified peanut and nut-free facility. Look for the 'Allergen Alert' label on our products. 

Q: Are Neal Brothers products gluten free?

A: We have a number of certified gluten-free and naturally gluten-free products. 

Certified gluten-free products include:

- Full lineup of Tortillas, Corn Chips, Kettle Chips

Naturally gluten-free products include:

- Select BBQ Sauce's, Select Salad Dressing's, Queso, Pasta Sauce, Salsa, and Cheese Puffs

Q: Are Neal Brothers products vegan?

A: Our Certified Plant-Based Dressings & Queso, BBQ Sauces, Kettle Chips (except BBQ), Pasta Sauces (except Rosé), Salsas, Organic Rods, Classic Thins, and Tortillas are suitable for a plant based diet. 

Q: You use to have x product, is it coming back?

A: Feel free to reach out in regard to a certain product at feedback@nealbrothersfoods.com 

Q: Do you offer coupons?

A: We currently do not have coupons, but sign up for our newsletter for e-store promotional codes!

Q: Are your products made in Canada?

A: We exercise every effort to make our products in Canada. Currently all of our jarred items and are made right in Ontario. Our bagged snacks are made in USA.