About Us

Peter (left) and Chris (right) Neal

How it all started!

A 60-second four-part crash course on the Neal Brothers, Chris & Peter.

  1. We are brothers (yes, this is a common question we get) who started a company making croutons in our mother’s kitchen, thirty-five years ago.
  2. Our goal, then and now, has always been to provide accessible snack choices for everyone. We use quality ingredients and work hard to ensure we provide a “better for you” snack option.
  3. Even after 35 years, we are continuously looking to innovate and improve our product portfolio, launching new products that stay current with the latest food industry trends.
  4. We remain committed to supporting charitable organizations across Canada through a series of community partnerships. As part of the Good Food Builder Group, we commit to donating a specific amount of profit each year to Community Food Centres Canada.

    Neal Brothers Foods

    The namesake line now contains ten different product lines with over fifty different unique items. Along with many Organic products, it features non-GMO products, various naturally gluten free options and many items suitable for a plant-based lifestyle. 

    Community Support

    At Neal Brothers, we pride ourselves on supporting various charity and community organizations across the country. This has been at the core of the Neal Brothers business since its inception and continues to be a strong pillar of who we are and the people we support.

    To learn more about Neal Brothers, please visit their website.