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Peter (left) and Chris (right) Neal

How it all started!

A 60-second four-part crash course on the Neal Brothers, Chris & Peter.

  1. They are brothers (yes, this is a common question we get) who started a company making croutons in their mother’s kitchen, thirty years ago.
  2. The goal, then and now, has always been to provide accessible snack choices for everyone. They aim to use quality ingredients and work hard to ensure they provide a “better for you” snack option.
  3. In 2018, they re-branded for their 30th anniversary, which brought a fresh and exciting new look to the brand!
  4. Along with the re-brand, they celebrated their 30th anniversary in a big way, by committing #30ActsofGoodness all over Canada! Check out the videos here to see what Neal Brothers did for communities across Canada!

Neal Brothers Foods

The namesake line now contains ten different product lines with over thirty different unique items. Along with many Organic products, it features non-GMO products, various naturally gluten free options and many items suitable for a plant-based lifestyle. 

Recently, Peter Neal partnered with Eli Brown of Shine the Light On to bring Canadian made, re-usable face masks to the market. 

To learn more about Neal Brothers, please visit their website.

To learn more about Shine the Light On, please visit their website.


Originally owned by Korey Kealey, enerjive™ was purchased by Neal Brothers Brands & Distribution in August 2017. Peter and Chris Neal had always been close friends of Korey, and knew they could continue to grow enerjive™ in their portfolio of products.

Since then, a new flavour has been added to the enerjive™ line to make a family of six delicious flavours (and two available in snack pack sizes).

enerjive™ started in the Ottawa region, and is still being made in the area today!

To learn more about enerjive™, please visit their website

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